[tor-talk] Does an Exit Node will be tagged with an "Exit" flag?

Bron Taylor bron.taylor at swift-mail.com
Thu Jul 3 09:06:15 UTC 2014

Hi there,

    I used the TorDNSEL to verify an ip address of an exit node whether
    I can sent some kind of traffic through that node and found
    something is weired. First the information of the node can be found
    in the cached consensus file on my system with running a tor client.
    The following is the information i got from the file:

r RaspberryPiNode W0bcalLslxBCGL+ZSEf+rcrB4kg
0i+Gakd+PPsGt7NB80GVzBNnfhA 2014-07-03 00:41:38 443 80
s Named Running V2Dir Valid
v Tor
w Bandwidth=5
p accept 25,110,119,143,443,465,995

The node is claiming that is accepting mail related traffic exit through
it, however, we can noticed that this node doesn't come with an "Exit"
flag. Therefore, I tried to send a dns query to TorDNSEL to see if the
node is in ExitList and the policy is as the same as I seen on my host:

The dns query is as the following:


And I got the answer
" 1799 IN
A" from Google Public DNS. Moreover, the answer from TorDNSEL
told that the node with the ip address "" is an ExitNode and
allow any smtp traffic to exit through it. However, at the same time,
the cached-consensus file doesn't show that the node is published with
"ExitFlag". I would like to ask if an Exit Node will comes with a "Exit"
flag or not? Thanks!


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