[tor-talk] Illegal Activity As A Metric of Tor Security and Anonymity

Juan juan.g71 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 19:18:40 UTC 2014

On Tue, 1 Jul 2014 18:32:27 +0100
Mark McCarron <mark.mccarron at live.co.uk> wrote:

> Alex,
> You must be living in a fantasy land.  The problem still remains, Tor
> is vulnerable to a global view and that global view exists according
> to Snowden.  Further, it would appear that Tor was designed to fit
> into that global view and provide US intelligence with the locations
> of both users and hidden services, whilst pretending to provide
> anonymity.
> I don't see anyone denying it.  Do you?

	Well, Roger Dingledine  said 

	¨I've tried to tolerate the conspiracy theories / trolling here,
	since there are legitimate worries to be had about what attacks
	various adversaries may have come up with,¨

	Keywords being ¨legitimate worries¨.

	I find it funny(entertaining) that whereas key tor people are
	willing to admit that the picture isnt exactly rosy, 


	several voices in  this list seem to be pretending
	exactly the opposite.  And some of them candidly admit ¨ I am
	not a mathematician, statistician nor Tor programmer¨ (Zenaan) 


	Question for the experts out there, both real and imagined. 

	Is freenet´s distributed data storage more robust than tor´s
	model? (assume tor is being used only as storage)

	Or is freenet just as susceptible to traffic analysis as tor






> Its been 6 days already.
> Regards,
> Mark McCarron
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> > Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 18:39:13 +0200
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> > Subject: Re: [tor-talk] Illegal Activity As A Metric of Tor
> > Security and	Anonymity
> > 
> > Please Mccarron, 
> > 
> > The discussion is dead. You killed it yourself by not adding
> > anything meaningful as far as I have seen. You just repeat yourself
> > again and again as if it's a mantra. You got statistics to back up
> > your claims? Good - show them! You got the script you used to track
> > the onions? Awesome! Show it so we can see for ourselves and use it
> > too! 
> > 
> > As others pointed out already: give us something to work with, else
> > you can just pack up and troll another list as far as I am
> > concerned. 
> > 
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