[tor-talk] New to list and questions about exit nodes

DeveloperChris developerchris at rebel.com.au
Fri Oct 25 07:31:51 UTC 2013

Hi all I am new to this list and to TOR in general

Recently I have been thinking about creating a TOR exit node, but my 
discussions with other people now make me concerned.

An acquittance of mine created a tor exit node, I know little detail more 
than that other than he was banned by services such as skype and ebay. and 
apparently the machine he used was hacked. Now I know he is very security 
conscious and not a newb. If he was hacked it was by professionals. He is a 
network engineer.

Apparently he pulled the exit node and wiped the machine.

This leaves me initially thinking no way. And I was always concerned about 
the legal implications of being accused of some crime or another because as 
an exit node, my IP is associated with that activity.

Rather than change my mind and not set up exit nodes. I decided it would be 
worthwhile to ask for the advice and experience of those involved more 
heavily in the TOR network.

How do you deal with these issues and others that arise from being a part of 
the network?


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