[tor-talk] suppression of Guardian story on Tor in Snowden disclosures / FLYING PIG, others?

Ted Smith tedks at riseup.net
Thu Oct 3 15:56:11 UTC 2013

On Thu, 2013-10-03 at 05:59 -0700, coderman wrote:
> @ioerror "@jamesrbuk Stop suppressing the story on Tor."
> @ioerror "@smarimc @guardian The Guardian is sitting on a story about Tor -
> I'll do one better: @jamesrbuk refused to show us the story/docs."
> this begs two questions:
> 1. is this story pending polish and expected to be published at some point
> in the near future? [alan rusbridger says Tor story not suppressed?]
> 2. if this story truly is suppressed / killed, is it because of undue, over
> broad US/UK government pressure, or is it because the story included
> detailed technical aspects of how Tor is monitored[0] in the context of
> international counter-terrorism and other "data sharing"?

From earlier: "The Guardian is currently sitting on several stories
because GCHQ and the White House have asked them to do so. What
cowards." https://twitter.com/ioerror/status/385560100334608385

> who else or what organizations might be able to compel some guidance in the
> case of reality of #2?
> 0. by technical details of Tor analysis, this may cover capabilities such
> as, traffic confirmation via active interruption of client networks, or
> protocol attacks leveraging  relays under their control for circuit
> manipulation, or even widespread circuit linking via prevalent points of
> privileged access to backbone links and internet facilities monitored by
> the intelligence community.

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