[tor-talk] suppression of Guardian story on Tor in Snowden disclosures / FLYING PIG, others?

coderman coderman at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 12:59:11 UTC 2013

@ioerror "@jamesrbuk Stop suppressing the story on Tor."
@ioerror "@smarimc @guardian The Guardian is sitting on a story about Tor -
I'll do one better: @jamesrbuk refused to show us the story/docs."

this begs two questions:

1. is this story pending polish and expected to be published at some point
in the near future? [alan rusbridger says Tor story not suppressed?]

2. if this story truly is suppressed / killed, is it because of undue, over
broad US/UK government pressure, or is it because the story included
detailed technical aspects of how Tor is monitored[0] in the context of
international counter-terrorism and other "data sharing"?

who else or what organizations might be able to compel some guidance in the
case of reality of #2?

0. by technical details of Tor analysis, this may cover capabilities such
as, traffic confirmation via active interruption of client networks, or
protocol attacks leveraging  relays under their control for circuit
manipulation, or even widespread circuit linking via prevalent points of
privileged access to backbone links and internet facilities monitored by
the intelligence community.

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