[tor-talk] TBB 2.4.x Windows using more CPU than normal

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Tue Nov 19 02:14:41 UTC 2013

Anyone noticed since starting to use Windows - TBB 2.4.x series, it 
using more CPU when loading pages than it used to?
Even more than regular Fx.  I've noticed this across 2 of the 2.4.x 
series versions.  Haven't updated to latest - released couple days ago, yet.

TBB 2.4 also seems to load pages considerably slower (over weeks of 
trial), than earlier versions - WHEN they worked correctly.  I mean, 
before 2.3.x versions started having so many problems.

It seems to use 25 - 30% CPU, on an Intel quad 2.66 MHz, & uses that 
much for a long period.  Maybe the length is because it generally takes 
all pages longer to load in TBB vs. Fx.
Doesn't explain why it'd use so much MORE than regular FX.  It's 
actually quite a bit more than Fx, percent wise.

On my box, Fx (v 23 - 25) generally only uses in 8 -  12% (sometimes up 
to 17%) of CPU.  Although, I have no shortage of CPU resources, so that 
may not be the reason for the significant slowness of 2.4.x versions vs. 
earlier ones, when they worked "correctly."

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