[tor-talk] US Senate Virtual Currency Hearing Summary

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Tue Nov 19 03:53:58 UTC 2013

Ernie Allen from the International Centre for Missing and Exploited 
Children was a real disappointment, insofar as his statements about 
anonymity and government control were incredibly myopic.

If your plan to protect children is to initiate force against people of 
all ages, you're going to have a bad day...


On 2013-11-18 20:47, grarpamp wrote:
> Curiously, US law enforcement feels it already has the general laws it
> needs. Yet it needs the talent base to use them, aka: SS is hiring.
> The US is behind in its guidance to business... US companies
> large and small very much want to play and lead just as soon as a
> compliance/certification framework appears in which they can safely
> build a business. Unofficial regulatory 'guidelines' and failure to 
> issue
> business accounts/licenses due to that are not helping. Predicted that
> virtual currencies will be regulated, tax reported, etc at the 
> exchange
> level as usual. US financial/consumer markets will evolve normally as
> with any fiat currency. Was felt US needed to be on par with and peer
> internationally for global regulation.
> The Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse, Tor, etc were all in effect, yet
> business and finance seemed to be the leaning and balancing interest
> of the hearing.
> A couple statements regarding "anonymity can be catastrophic", 
> anonymity
> regulation, etc were made that were left open without further comment.
> Al Gore created Bitcoin.
> Bitcoin markets continued their rise after the hearing.
> Add/Correct/Discuss.

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