[tor-talk] Private email

Elysius elysius at lelantos.org
Fri Nov 15 17:31:43 UTC 2013

On 11/15/13 06:18, Missouri Anglers wrote:
> In my attempt to set up a secure anonymous email system I thought it might be easier to sign up for a free web based email account while using the TOR browser.
> Do you know how hard it is to do that with java script disabled?
> I must have tried 30-40 different places such as yahoo, gmail, gmx, hotmail, etc.... No java script, no account.
> I assumed if I signed up while using the TOR browser then they would never have an IP address associated with the email address.
> I finally found "ATLAS.CZ" which let me sign up without java script enabled.
> However during the process I realized the "CAPTCHA" code they wanted me to retype was using symbols I did not have on my keyboard.
> I finally solved that problem and now have a working email address (in Czech) that has never been exposed to my real IP address. (I was using TOR browser through the entire process)
> My question is, 
> Can I count on being anonymous if I continue using the TOR browser to log into the web based account and send emails? (java script is always disabled).

Yes, if using webmail via Tor (and the Tor Browser) is one of the safest
ways to use e-mail while remaining anonymous.

Another way would be to setup Icedove or Thunderbird using Torbirdy (to
access clearnet e-mail services) and Foxyproxy (to access both clearnet
and darknet addresses). So long as your e-mail client and proxy are
properly setup, you should be able to reliably keep your private IP
address safe.

The main concern would be firing up your regular browser by mistake and
logging in (even once) using your real IP address.

Our service, Lelantos, only provides e-mail via Tor. We developed it
just so that 1% human-error chance is removed - you must access it via
Tor to login or register. (No javascript needed)


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