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Praedor praedor at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 15 10:28:13 UTC 2013

If you never use your real name in emails, if you don't use it to email a bunch of non-anonymous friends or family, if you ALWAYS use tor for that account then you will remain essentially anon. I myself have a safe-mail account that is completely anon. Signed up for it on tor and never connect to it without tor...I also never use it for family/friends, etc (thus it doesn't get much use - I'm military so set it up for potential use in whistleblowing if needed). 

Unless you have a bunch of anon friends who never use names or identifying addresses or phone numbers in any messages ever, then it should be anonymous.


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Missouri Anglers <missouri.anglers at gmail.com> wrote:

In my attempt to set up a secure anonymous email system I thought it might be easier to sign up for a free web based email account while using the TOR browser.
Do you know how hard it is to do that with java script disabled?
I must have tried 30-40 different places such as yahoo, gmail, gmx, hotmail, etc.... No java script, no account.
I assumed if I signed up while using the TOR browser then they would never have an IP address associated with the email address.
I finally found "ATLAS.CZ" which let me sign up without java script enabled.
However during the process I realized the "CAPTCHA" code they wanted me to retype was using symbols I did not have on my keyboard.
I finally solved that problem and now have a working email address (in Czech) that has never been exposed to my real IP address. (I was using TOR browser through the entire process)
My question is, 
Can I count on being anonymous if I continue using the TOR browser to log into the web based account and send emails? (java script is always disabled).
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