[tor-talk] More and more websites block Tor, which will eventually become useless!

Juha Nurmi juha.nurmi at ahmia.fi
Mon Nov 11 05:54:07 UTC 2013

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On 11.11.2013 06:48, krishna e Bera wrote:
> As someone else pointed out, the most likely consequence of home
> exit nodes is DMCA complaints leading to cutoff of your home
> internet connection. Many (most?) ISPs don't even allow running
> servers. Ultimately they are a business and they don't have to
> provide you service or a reason why not.

This is the main problem in Finland. I would love to run an exit node
in my home.

Last week I went to open a broadband connection and specifically asked
can I run a Tor exit node using their connection. Local Finnish ISP
Elisa told that running any servers is (formally) forbidden and I
cannot run the exit node unless I buy enterprise level connection
(which is of course more expensive). This is their business model and
they have nothing against Tor itself.

> Regarding criminal cases, EFF could assist a LEA-persecuted Tor
> home exit node operator if they are in the USA.  In Germany there
> is the CCC.  In other countries you are probably out of luck -
> there just arent that many well-resourced organizations dedicated
> to freedom of speech/thought and privacy.

This is not really a problem in Finland. At least Finnish police
understands how the Tor network works. It is legal to provide an exit
node. Again, it is still possible that they mess up your home, but
eventually they will drop the preliminary investigation against a tor
exit node operator because Finnish law allows explicitly transmitting
third party traffic without any liability.

When I opened my connection and told to my ISP that there will be an
open wireless network for everyone they put that note into their
system. So they know that and they will make it clear if police asks
something about my connection. In Finland it is legal to keep your
wireless connection open and there will be no liability for me if
someone else uses that connection.

- -Juha
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