[tor-talk] More and more websites block Tor, which will eventually become useless!

krishna e Bera keb at cyblings.on.ca
Mon Nov 11 04:48:39 UTC 2013

As someone else pointed out, the most likely consequence of home exit nodes
is DMCA complaints leading to cutoff of your home internet connection.
Many (most?) ISPs don't even allow running servers. Ultimately they are a
business and they don't have to provide you service or a reason why not.

Regarding criminal cases, EFF could assist a LEA-persecuted Tor home exit
node operator if they are in the USA.  In Germany there is the CCC.  In
other countries you are probably out of luck - there just arent that many
well-resourced organizations dedicated to freedom of speech/thought and

Even with direct legal representation or advice or amicus intervention in a
country with a fair legal system, you are still looking at months or years
before you get computing/communication devices back and similar time and
effort to recover reputation and livelihood.  So you are looking at a
campaign to recruit "martyrs" for a fairly high level issue, when most
people even in "developed countries¨ still don't have security of their
food or housing or employment or health.  Public education may be more
effective at this stage.

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