[tor-talk] How can the video play in TBB without plagins?

Seth David Schoen schoen at eff.org
Mon Mar 26 17:10:41 UTC 2012

Joe Btfsplk writes:

> Users really need to read the ENTIRE Google privacy policy.  If not
> taking steps to prevent (Google) from gaining details about your
> machine, etc., even if users delete a cookie once they leave
> youtube, etc., then go to another google site that requires cookies,
> couldn't they probably identify the same computer?  Many Tor users
> will forget to del cookies, since TBB default settings are to accept
> cookies.

TBB deletes cookies when you quit it, so it's hard for users to forget
to delete them.  It's true that Google can use cookies to track a
particular Tor user within a TBB session, including from one Google
site to another.  However, if you quit TBB and run it again another
time, there shouldn't be any information that enables Google to
recognize you from before.

TBB took some measures to respond to the Panopticlick research, so it's
probably not easy for Google or other sites to recognize your browser
by non-cookie means either.

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