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On 20/03/12 06:28, Number Six wrote:

>> LBE Privacy Guard doesn't have a lot of info about it or any source
>> code available, and for some reason requests Phone State and Identity
>> permissions. It could be recording who you call and using it for ad
>> targeting..
>> Of course either DroidWall or LBE could be listening to your phone
>> calls without having any permissions since they both require root..
>> But at least DroidWall is open source.
>> As much as I want a permissions editor too, I think DroidWall is still
>> the best solution to the Android privacy nightmare.
>> Maybe someone can convince Cyanogen to work with the PDroid guy to
>> develop a built-in solution?
> I just found that Cyanogen already supports editing permissions if you
> go through the preferences to enable the feature. It's just disabled
> per default.
> Cyanogenmod Settings -> Application settings -> Permission management.
> You can then disable/enable permissions by clicking on them in the
> normal application manager. Quite slick.

Thanks for the info. I didn't realise that existed. It seems to work
quite well, but it's still not nearly as good as using LBE Privacy Guard.

Concerns about the app not being open source are legitimate. It's all
down to whether or not you're willing to trust them with root on your phone.

Here's the app on the google market:


Here's the authors website, in its original language, and using Google
translate to convert to English:



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