[tor-talk] Orbot and firewall?

Number Six number6 at elitemail.org
Tue Mar 20 06:28:10 UTC 2012

On Mon, Mar 19, 2012, at 01:11 AM, Number Six wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 18, 2012, at 06:03 PM, tor at lists.grepular.com wrote:
> > I used to use Droidwall, but I now use LBE Privacy Guard instead.
> > LBE Privacy Guard provides a per application network firewall, but
> > it also lets you block loads of other stuff on a per app basis too,
> > like access to location, the call history, contacts, IMEI and so on.
> > When an app tries to access one of these things, it pops up a
> > confirmation dialogue where you can specify allow/block and whether
> > or not to remember that choice. It is also free, but it also
> > requires a rooted phone.
> LBE Privacy Guard doesn't have a lot of info about it or any source
> code available, and for some reason requests Phone State and Identity
> permissions. It could be recording who you call and using it for ad
> targeting..
> Of course either DroidWall or LBE could be listening to your phone
> calls without having any permissions since they both require root..
> But at least DroidWall is open source.
> As much as I want a permissions editor too, I think DroidWall is still
> the best solution to the Android privacy nightmare.
> Maybe someone can convince Cyanogen to work with the PDroid guy to
> develop a built-in solution?

I just found that Cyanogen already supports editing permissions if you
go through the preferences to enable the feature. It's just disabled
per default.

Cyanogenmod Settings -> Application settings -> Permission management.

You can then disable/enable permissions by clicking on them in the
normal application manager. Quite slick.

With this + DroidWall, I feel like I've finally been liberated from
ceaseless Android surveillance!

Too bad my freedom probably an illusion until someone reverse engineers
and audits the radio firmware.. http://replicant.us/ looks promising,
but seems a bit green still.

Still, freedom is within our grasp! Now if we could just do something
about the constant gassing, kidnapping, and those damned floating

- Six

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