Torservers: Update on move to UK & on the association

Moritz Bartl moritz at
Mon Jan 17 23:57:12 UTC 2011


For the foundation meeting, it is required that all founding members to
physically meet. So will be the yearly members meeting. At the moment
our goal is to gather all interested German exit operators. Everyone who
cannot come to the initial discussion is well invited to *join* the
association later!

>Also it allows those that want to sponsor nodes, but not deal with the
>tech side of it to contribute.

That's been the idea of Torservers from the start. We concentrate on
making this possible, but the association also wants to, like you said,
get exit operators together.

It would be awesome to have a lot of local (ie. country-wide) similar
associations pop up, and loosely connect them all through Torservers.

If you want to help making this possible, talk to us! You're basically
free to contribute anything you'd like to see.

Moritz Bartl

On 17.01.2011 23:23, Andrew Lewis wrote:
> I doubt that I will be able to get to dresden, but is there a chance of
> some sort of video conference? I like the idea of putting together so
> sort of official group behind the tor exit node operators. There are a
> ton of things that this could encompass, and we could roll up a
> few different efforts under one header. Also it allows those that want
> to sponsor nodes, but not deal with the tech side of it to contribute.  
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