Gmail saying "cookies are turned off" but they are not

Orionjur Tor-admin tor-admin at
Tue Jan 11 19:00:12 UTC 2011

Praedor Atrebates wrote:
> I am using my usual tor button + firefox to access a gmail account.  I have generally had no problems but lately I try to log in and get a "cookies are turned off" and that I need to turn them on.  
> Cookies are NOT turned off, they are set to be treated as session cookies and they get wiped whenever I shut off firefox.  Perhaps there is a setting hidden away somewhere that I can check, whether in the tor button settings or firefox?  
I periodically have such probolem. It is very intresting what is causes
of it.
Sometimes it resolves after some preriod of time by oneself (I don't
know how and why; deleting of cashe usually doesn't take any effect);
sometimes I need to delete all my user's profile of my browser to
resolve it.
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