Gmail saying "cookies are turned off" but they are not

Mike Perry mikeperry at
Wed Jan 12 11:53:55 UTC 2011

Thus spake Praedor Atrebates (praedor at

> I am using my usual tor button + firefox to access a gmail account.
> I have generally had no problems but lately I try to log in and get
> a "cookies are turned off" and that I need to turn them on.  
> Cookies are NOT turned off, they are set to be treated as session
> cookies and they get wiped whenever I shut off firefox.  Perhaps
> there is a setting hidden away somewhere that I can check, whether
> in the tor button settings or firefox?  

This is is a bug in Torbutton. It is caused by the hidden setting:

This setting was introduced to reduce the number of captchas that
google presented, so that you would only have to solve a captcha once,
instead of once per country code domain. It seems to be interfering
with gmail logins when your country code changes.

Setting this hidden pref to false in about:config will fix the issue
for you. See ticket #2377 for info on patches/fixes:

Also, please read the archives more closely. This was *just* discussed
in a different thread.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist evil labs
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