JanusVM: try again

Kyle Williams kyle.kwilliams at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 23:52:42 UTC 2011

Dude, I told you to quit asking the Tor mailing list these things as I've
replied to directly several times now explaining this.
In your case, you're new default route should be set to (the IP
for JanusVM).
You're about 1 more question away from being labeled a troll.

On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 12:56 PM, Praedor Atrebates <praedor at yahoo.com>wrote:

> .....

> (and have a hell of a time getting the release of my eth0 device so I can
> get back to a direct internet connection).

This is basic linux/unix routing.  Changing your IP and default route in
linux is not that hard, as I've explained how to do this is a very detailed
e-mail already.

> What is the gateway IP in this setup?
>, the external IP address of JanusVM.

Sorry their isn't a perfect step-by-step for you, but if you don't know how
to change your route, IP address, or DNS in Linux then you have MUCH to
learn before you can effectively stay anonymous.
And for the last time, LEARN BASIC LINUX NETWORKING *BEFORE* you ask
anything else.
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