JanusVM: try again

Praedor Atrebates praedor at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 20:56:52 UTC 2011

I could use some help in identifying what the gateway IP is supposed to be for me to connect my LINUX BOX to the internet via JanusVM.  All the howtos (the complete ones at any rate) that I can find are all for windows and are thus useless (they simply have you run the \\IP ADDRESS\Setup\Run.bat file and all is well).  I have a DSL router through which I connect to the internet.  My internal network is in the range.  My linux box is  My router/NORMAL gateway is  WHen I run JanusVM in vmplayer, it produces \\\Setup\Run.bat for windows users (totally useless to me).  The bridged eth device (eth0 in vmware) gets the IP of but if I use this as my gateway, my IP becomes 10.10.20.(something) and my gateway becomes for my real eth0 in linux and I lose all ability to connect to the internet (and have a hell of a time getting the release of my eth0 device so I can get back to a direct internet connection).  If I use the address, nothing at all.  No connection whatsoever.

What is the gateway IP in this setup?  

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