Now having trouble getting gmail

Praedor Atrebates praedor at
Mon Jan 10 19:14:38 UTC 2011

I previously generated a fully anonymous gmail account early last year.  Created it via the tor network without using any personally identifiable information, emails, or phone numbers.  I attempted to create another new one today but have run into a problem.  While I am not required to provide an email or phone number, when I complete the form (entering name and desired login, password, etc, and click "submit" I get a google page with "The page you requested is invalid" and cannot complete the creation of the account.   

Does anyone know what the source of this problem is?  I am wondering if there is some setting in firefox or tor button that might be causing this issue?  I'd hate to have to create a new account by going to some public wifi location and doing this without tor first.  That degrades my anonymity for the email.

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