Now having trouble getting gmail

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Jan 10 20:19:08 UTC 2011

> I previously generated a fully anonymous gmail account early last year.
> Created it via the tor network without using any personally identifiable
> information, emails, or phone numbers.

This is in the past, well over a month old and thus irrelevant in
internet time. The recent threads about Gmail are interested in
the today, not the past. Please quit mentioning the past :)

> While I am not required to provide an email

This 'secondary email' is optional and located on this first signup page:

> phone number, when I complete the form (entering name and
> desired login, password, etc, and click "submit"

The SMS verification stage (phone number requirement[1]) location
occurs only after you hit submit above.

> I get a google page with "The page you requested is invalid" and
> cannot complete the creation of the account.

Yes, I have seen this three times. Each time I just cleared state,
MAPADDRESS'd another exit, randomized info and tried again.
Only to receive account creation failure of course.

I've also been seeing a lot of SSL failures with sites recently.
Sorry, since it's SSL, I've just been hitting retry instead of
tracking it down. That's my bad for you all.

> tor button

Can't say that I use it. Very unlikely.

> I'd hate to have to create a new account by going to some public
> wifi location and doing this without tor first.  That degrades my
> anonymity for the email.

I'd go that route. I don't see any conflict between the two, when
done properly.

[1] According to this months urban legend, two people have found
this to not be a requirement. However, for all practical purposes,
percent sucess wise, it probably should be considered to be one.
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