[tor-talk] Tor Browser standalone without videla/tor bundle

Sebastian G. <bastik.tor> bastik.tor at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 21 11:21:58 UTC 2011

> Unfortunally it seams not possible if one is either using the
> Tor/Videla/Polipo bundle, as Tor/Videla will be already started then.
> Rather it's also not possible if one is using Tor as a transparent proxy
> or Vpn (JanusVM, TorVM...).
> So if it won't be to much work I'd like to have a seperate version of Tor
> Browser.
> Or as an alternative some instructions how to take it from there?

I don't know if that's recommendable, but I changed the torrc,
vidalia.conf and Aurora (in the TorButton ext.) for testing purpose.
That works under windows at least.

ControlPort 9052 // One higher that usual
SocksPort 9060 // 9050 is the default, any unused should do

ControlPort 9052 // has to match the one in torrc

Torbutton settings
change the proxy port to the Socks Port in torrc, otherwise the other
Tor instance might be used, in the case it allows local access.

Any concerns or additions?


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