[tor-talk] Tor Browser standalone without videla/tor bundle

songso at tormail.net songso at tormail.net
Wed Dec 21 09:09:12 UTC 2011

I understand that the browser supplied in the browser bundle has been
preconfigured, patched and modified for improved security, anonymity and
so on. Therefore I'd like to use this one.

Unfortunally it seams not possible if one is either using the
Tor/Videla/Polipo bundle, as Tor/Videla will be already started then.

Rather it's also not possible if one is using Tor as a transparent proxy
or Vpn (JanusVM, TorVM...).

So if it won't be to much work I'd like to have a seperate version of Tor

Or as an alternative some instructions how to take it from there?

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