[tor-talk] Google disable web-access to gmail for Tor-users?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 21:42:06 UTC 2011

> Those are very good points.
> My usage is just to expand the Tor community and get some modicum of
> privacy.  The more "regular" users that use Tor, the more acceptable
> it's use will be perceived.  As, if only the "pedophiles" and
> "criminals" use it, then it draws more attention and immediately labels
> you a bad guy if you're suspected of using Tor.  It also adds to the
> cost of those who would try to circumvent it's use.

Yep. Many people use anonymity networks for their day to day biz and
personal life, even with their real identity. Nothing 'bad' about it. It's
kindof cool even. I don't like the association of such nets with 'bad'
elements. They'll always be there, and overridden by the 'good' ones.
Call it critical mass :)

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