[tor-talk] Google disable web-access to gmail for Tor-users?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 04:10:08 UTC 2011

> What if you don't have a phone # to give them (or don't want to) - they
> just don't let you create an acct?

In my tests to date (limited by free time), yes, that's what I said.

> Had them remove my house.

Hopefully from a disposable email address. You know :)

> FYI - I tried GMX w/ Tor couple days ago - worked just fine.

Yes, free alternates that work fine are always welcome suggestions :)
I usually require https (creation and management), imaps (retrieval),
smtps/submission (sending), no automatic addition of addresses
to 'contact' lists when sent via web or smtp, and an outright account
deletion function.

I do use alternates. It's just that gmail... like yahoo and hotmail... has
a certain credibility about it that the moronic public 'trusts'.
When such people get mail from gmx, .ru, .de, mailvault, safemail, etc...
it really raises their eyebrows askance at the sender. Especially if they
don't already know the sender... such as if the sender would like to
establish a new business, social, hobby, confidential or interpersonal
thing with the recipient. All the normal uses really. That's why it would
be useful to the anonymity/privacy community to figure this one out.
Whether by testing, or perhaps even via formal contact with gmail,
followed up with education and a plea for sanity if needed.

> What do you mean by "I just hit dismiss?"  When I tried Gmail thru Tor
> from a PC, there was no way to "dismiss" the screen.

I get a red one line warning bar near the top once in a while that
says something like "we noticed you coming from a strange place.
set alert preference, or dismiss/ignore it".

I also commonly get blue/red ones that say "we don't have your
recovery info":
supply SMS
supply secondary email address

both of which i hit dismiss/ignore on.

None of these three nanny nag notices lock me out, require me
to supply the requested info, require me to submit requests to
let me live without suppling the info, or hinder my use in any way
other than swatting down the nags once in a while.

> The only way (I
> found) around giving a phone, was fill out their "investigation" form,
> w/ a 2nd email, info about your Gmail acct, then wait for reply.  I
> didn't follow the link they sent, but assume it'd require resetting PW.
> Not a good solution to this prob.

I'm tempted to try their form for new account creation (Mike's blurb).
Yet I don't quite know how I would explain my request (refusal to supply).
And creating another unlinked account elsewhere just for that takes time...
and what happens if I deassociate it (in gmail) or delete it (on the provider)
and miss or hit some sort of gmail reauthenticate wall months later.

> Are you talking about using Tor & Gmail - recently, w/o SMS or other #?

Yes, we're all talking precisely about that.

>>> clicked through the help links and filled out some form explaining my
>>> desire for strong pseudonymity, and they lifted the block without a
>>> cell #.
> Was this a permanent lift of ban while using Tor?  As in, you never had
> to ask them again or had problems logging in w/ Tor?

You'd have to ask Mike that. His verbage would be useful to know.

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