[tor-talk] Google disable web-access to gmail for Tor-users?

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Wed Apr 6 14:36:02 UTC 2011

On 4/5/2011 11:10 PM, grarpamp wrote:
>> What if you don't have a phone # to give them (or don't want to) - they
>> just don't let you create an acct?
> In my tests to date (limited by free time), yes, that's what I said.
>> FYI - I tried GMX w/ Tor couple days ago - worked just fine.
> Yes, free alternates that work fine are always welcome suggestions :)
> I usually require https (creation and management), imaps (retrieval),
> smtps/submission (sending), no automatic addition of addresses
> to 'contact' lists when sent via web or smtp, and an outright account
> deletion function.
There's a comparison of different webmail providers:  
I'm sure there are others.  Many have all the features you mention.  
When I started looking for alternatives, was quite surprised how many 
are avail besides "big 3."
> I do use alternates. It's just that gmail... like yahoo and hotmail... has
> a certain credibility about it that the moronic public 'trusts'.
> ... That's why it would be useful to the anonymity/privacy community to figure this one out.
> Whether by testing, or perhaps even via formal contact with gmail,
> followed up with education and a plea for sanity if needed.
The domain shown for my gmx acct is just gmx.com.  I think even in full 
header, shows a US origin.  I don't know if there's any stopping an 800 
pound gorilla like Gmail / Google.  My guess is Tor users are a tiny % 
of accts.  Vast majority of most of internet users are clueless about 
dangers & privacy invasion / data collection - not just w/ Gmail.  Even 
w/ ongoing publicity of google's privacy violations (some they had to 
back down on), people still use it.  That's not gonna change.  I'm the 
world's worst "must beat them (any entity) at their own game" type person.

But Tor users are usually more enlightened compared to gen. pop.  Don't 
understand clinging to Gmail for dear life.  Point taken about 
recipients being familiar w/ gmail, yahoo & other familiar names.  If 
more started using others - even on trial basis - they'd become more 
familiar names.
> I get a red one line warning bar near the top once in a while that
> says something like "we noticed you coming from a strange place.
> set alert preference, or dismiss/ignore it".
> I also commonly get blue/red ones that say "we don't have your
> recovery info":
> supply SMS
> -and/or-
> supply secondary email address
> both of which i hit dismiss/ignore on.
> None of these three nanny nag notices lock me out, require me
> to supply the requested info, require me to submit requests to
> let me live without suppling the info, or hinder my use in any way
> other than swatting down the nags once in a while.
Looks like diff users get diff screens, at times, about the SMS  
verification and ability to bypass notices.  I / others could try it 
diff times / ways, but just seems like (for Tor use) might be easier to 
use another provider.
> I'm tempted to try their form for new account creation (Mike's blurb).
> Yet I don't quite know how I would explain my request (refusal to supply).
Even though it's none of their business (there aren't laws requiring 
them to gather very personal data), for a reason why I was asking to 
remove my  house from street view, just stated I was law enforcement & 
was worried about privacy / security of my family.  I need to check if 
it's still removed.
> And creating another unlinked account elsewhere just for that takes time...
> and what happens if I deassociate it (in gmail) or delete it (on the provider)
> and miss or hit some sort of gmail reauthenticate wall months later.
I'm not pushing any mail provider, but I found creating / deleting accts 
on GMX very quick.  If using Tor w/ email is a goal, massive storage 
space w/ a provider probably isn't a concern.  Neither is social 
networking features, etc.

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