Automated threat messages force limitation of Exit Policy (Softlayer)

Mike Perry mikeperry at
Sun Jun 27 01:00:11 UTC 2010

Thus spake Moritz Bartl (tor at

> > BayTSP/MediaSentry/etc have heard all the
> > excuses, including when they tagged my printer as serving up movies;
> > they don't care. I fully expect they don't even read the responses, just
> > check that a response was received.  The response is probably then
> > catalogued for some future court case.
> I'm not sure it was the most clever thing to do, but I wanted to have
> this cleared up. After sending a mail to five different BayTSP
> addresses, they finally came back to me, asking for my "DMCA Designated
> Agent form filing with the US Copyright Office". They also said my
> counter notification doesn't meet the legal requirements...

Can you post a copy of your counter-notification? Did they say in
specific why they believe it doesn't meet the requirements?

Also, are you familiar with chillingeffects? They catalog DMCA-related
correspondence and provide some legal FAQs for counter-notice

This is the section that should be relevant:

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