Automated threat messages force limitation of Exit Policy (Softlayer)

Moritz Bartl tor at
Sun Jun 27 01:29:50 UTC 2010


On 27.06.2010 03:00, Mike Perry wrote:
> Can you post a copy of your counter-notification? Did they say in
> specific why they believe it doesn't meet the requirements?
> Also, are you familiar with chillingeffects? They catalog DMCA-related
> correspondence and provide some legal FAQs for counter-notice
> procedures.

Thanks. After having read more about it, I doubt that I have to file a
counter notification after all. I told them so two days ago, citing the
relevant sections from DMCA, and haven't heard back from them since.

Midphase (100tb) finally told me they were able to SWIP my range, one
day before Softlayer (their data center) told me it wasn't possible. The
range is still not SWIPed though, Midphase said they would look into it

So far, Softlayer shows no sign of understanding anything I've told
them, neither about DMCA law (with the appropriate paragraphs and the
EFF response cited), nor about Tor not being some file sharing utility,
nor about that SWIPing would help on the abuse. Midphase on the other
hand doesn't interfere, I guess they want no trouble with Softlayer but
understand and respect what I'm doing.

Since changing the exit policy, the only reports I've been getting were
some by SpamCop, and two complaints by BayTSP/MediaSentry with old
timestamps. There seems to be a (small) number of spam senders that use
Tor in combination with webmail, but there isn't much I can do about
that (always different destination IPs). Fortunately SpamCop was able to
change their records of my IP range to my contact address so that's not
a big problem.
I'm not sure if I'm legally allowed to publish the complaints. I want to
put them on my blog when I have some time.

The exit policy helps to cool down the situation with Softlayer, and
I'll try my best to make them understand what it is I'm running. When
and if the IP range is SWIPed, we can think about unblocking unknown
ports again.

The average speed is 26 MB/s at the moment. I'm not sure what limits the
speed, the server should be on a Gbit line, and our plan covers 39MB/s...

Moritz Bartl
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