Introducing Torfox 3.0.10

Tor Fox at
Wed Jun 10 06:36:00 UTC 2009

Jacob wrote:
> That sorta seems like a risky proposition, no?
In what way?

> Do you integrate Torbutton or something like it in some way?

It works more like Freecap but I've added the code directly to the Firefox
socket code.

> Additionally, if Firefox only talks to Tor, do you have a control port

No, only the socks port 9060 (non-default) is open.

> I assume I'd just find the matching files in Firefox 3.0.10 and clobber
them with your files?

That's right.

> How does someone replicate your builds on Do you plan on
publishing that too? Perhaps it would be useful to have a
with patching and building information?

After you replace the files you can build Firefox normally. Other than those
3 source code files in the SVN I've only changed the branding stuff and
startup options. I just search and replace the string "firefox" with
"torfox" and I have some icons and graphics I've made. I have some parts I
need to automate but I will definitely add a build section and the branding
stuff for building from source.

> It seems like you're not getting much more over the current Tor
Browser Bundle. Additionally, do you take into account the
non-Torbutton protection and usability improvements that we have added?

I think it just appeals to a different style of usage. That's the reason I
wanted to make it anyways. I've disabled Java, set it to auto delete private
data on shutdown, etc. I'm looking for input as far as what kinds of
protection needs to be added.
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