Introducing Torfox 3.0.10

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at
Wed Jun 10 05:34:12 UTC 2009

Tor Fox wrote:
> Torfox is a mashup between Tor and Firefox. I’ve made changes to Firefox's
> source code, at the socket level, forcing all connections to be encapsulated
> with a Socks4 connection through "tor.exe". All DNS lookups are done with a
> piped call to "tor-resolve.exe" to prevent DNS leaks. There is no
> configuration needed for Tor. It's included in the installer. The browser
> will start and stop Tor automatically on a non-default port to prevent
> conflicts. I have uploaded the only changed source code files to
> and the rest can be
> downloaded from Mozilla and the Tor Project.

Huh. Interesting. That sorta seems like a risky proposition, no? Do you
integrate Torbutton or something like it in some way? Additionally, if
Firefox only talks to Tor, do you have a control port open?

Also, I looked at the svn tree you published and it appears to only have
three files:

I assume I'd just find the matching files in Firefox 3.0.10 and clobber
them with your files?

How does someone replicate your builds on Do you plan on
publishing that too? Perhaps it would be useful to have a
with patching and building information?

It seems like you're not getting much more over the current Tor Browser
Bundle. Additionally, do you take into account the non-Torbutton
protection and usability improvements that we have added?


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