Introducing Torfox 3.0.10

Tor Fox at
Wed Jun 10 01:18:30 UTC 2009

Torfox is a mashup between Tor and Firefox. I’ve made changes to Firefox's
source code, at the socket level, forcing all connections to be encapsulated
with a Socks4 connection through "tor.exe". All DNS lookups are done with a
piped call to "tor-resolve.exe" to prevent DNS leaks. There is no
configuration needed for Tor. It's included in the installer. The browser
will start and stop Tor automatically on a non-default port to prevent
conflicts. I have uploaded the only changed source code files to and the rest can be
downloaded from Mozilla and the Tor Project. Just overwrite the
corresponding 3 files in the Firefox 3.0.10 source tree with the 3 files
from the Torfox SVN. It won't compile on anything but Windows until I
replace the Win32 code with platform independent versions. It's possible, in
theory, since Mozilla already includes their own runtime library with
PR_CreateProcess(), PR_GetHostByName(), etc. If there is enough interest
from the community and volunteers willing to help code or test then I'm
willing to add any requested features or changes. Otherwise, I might just
leave it as is because it works perfectly for my personal use. I'm not even
sure anyone will see the benefit of this over the current Tor browser bundle
but personally, I like not having to worry about Tor and it is probably a
little more friendly to beginners (though it would need a huge warning about
HTTPS). Feel free to contact me here or at at with any
questions or comments.
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