My exit node is gone from the node list

Scott Bennett bennett at
Thu Jun 4 10:09:43 UTC 2009

     On Thu, 4 Jun 2009 11:55:28 +0800 "lingzhen1982" <lingzhen1982 at>
>For several months, I've been running a tor exit node (Nickname: AllenHomeTor, IP address:, Version: Since a few days, it seems to have vanished from the list of nodes. And I try to make it reappear by using a new nickname AllenUSATor(fingerprint: 443E 035C B856 5904 AE98 8DAB 3059 9A0D 2C4C 340C), but I am failed. How can I make it reappear? 

     First, you should not be running that version of tor.  Currently valid
versions in the stable branch are and for both clients and
     Second, when tor starts up, does it issue a message that says that your
node is reachable from outside?  If not, then you probably have a NAT/RDR
problem to settle with your gateway.
     Third, if tor does find itself reachable soon after startup, does it ever
issue a message that says its IP address appears to have changed?  Or that its
DNS queries appear to be hijacked?  In the former case tor should, after
passing another reachability test, simply publish a new descriptor bearing the
new IP address.  In the latter case, tor should stop operating as an exit and
issue a message to that effect, while continuing to operate as a non-exit

>In addtion, my traffic logs suggest that the node is used as much as it could be. There are much traffic like BitTorrent. I am confused. How can these guys select my exit node even my node has vanished from the list of nodes? BTW, to avoid too much BitTorrent traffic, I change my exit policy to only accept port 80 now.

     How can you tell what sort of traffic it is if your node is no longer an
exit node?  Why close all those other non-Bittorrent ports as well?

>I look forward from your feedback, and thank all responders in advance.

     There remains another possibility.  As several of us have reported here
in the past, there has been a gremlin lurking inside tor somewhere that causes
tor to forget to post a descriptor update after the usual 18 hours have
elapsed.  I haven't yet seen it happen with, but it was a headache
with some earlier versions.  However, when you changed your torrc, whether for
the change of nickname and identifier or for the change of exit policy, tor
should still have published a new descriptor reflecting either of those
changes, so the authorities ought to have a new descriptor for at least another
18 hours.  Try upgrading to a current version of tor, and then check it a
couple of times a day (or more often if you like) for a while to see whether
the problem recurs.

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