My exit node is gone from the node list

lingzhen1982 lingzhen1982 at
Thu Jun 4 03:55:28 UTC 2009

Hi all,

For several months, I've been running a tor exit node (Nickname: AllenHomeTor, IP address:, Version: Since a few days, it seems to have vanished from the list of nodes. And I try to make it reappear by using a new nickname AllenUSATor(fingerprint: 443E 035C B856 5904 AE98 8DAB 3059 9A0D 2C4C 340C), but I am failed. How can I make it reappear? 
In addtion, my traffic logs suggest that the node is used as much as it could be. There are much traffic like BitTorrent. I am confused. How can these guys select my exit node even my node has vanished from the list of nodes? BTW, to avoid too much BitTorrent traffic, I change my exit policy to only accept port 80 now.
I look forward from your feedback, and thank all responders in advance.

Many thanks,
Allen Ling
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