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Bill Weiss houdini+tor at
Tue Jun 30 17:42:15 UTC 2009

Michael(cozzi at, Jun 26, 2009 at 11:44:03AM -0400:
>    Not to jump in with both feet, but here's some possible starting text 
> ideas for the "IT People Use Tor" section...
>    Ahem...
>    "IT Professionals use Tor:
>    * To verify IP based firewall rules: A firewall may have some policies 
> that only allow certain IP addresses or ranges. Tor can be used to verify 
> those configurations by using an IP number outside of the company's alloted 
> IP block.
>    * To bypass their own security systems for sensitive professional 
> activities: For instance, a company may have a strict policy regarding the 
> material employees can view on the internet. A log review reveals a 
> possible violation. Tor can be used to verify the information without an 
> exception being put into corporate security systems.
>    * To connect back to deployed services: A network engineer can use Tor 
> to remotely connect back to services, without the need for an external 
> machine and user account, as part of operational testing.
>    * To access internet resources: Acceptable use policy for IT Staff and 
> normal employees is usually different. Tor can allow unfettered access to 
> the internet while leaving standard security policies in place.
>    * To work around ISP network outages: Sometimes when an ISP is having 
> routing or DNS problems, Tor can make internet resources available, when 
> the actual ISP is malfunctioning. This can be invaluable is crisis 
> situations.

Similar to all of these:

 * To troubleshoot connectivity problems from the outside of their network
   (i.e. to see what parts of the internet can or can't see their site).


Bill Weiss

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