Suggested IT Text... Edit or destroy as fitting.

Michael cozzi at
Fri Jun 26 15:44:03 UTC 2009

    Not to jump in with both feet, but here's some possible starting 
text ideas for the "IT People Use Tor" section...


    "IT Professionals use Tor:

    * To verify IP based firewall rules: A firewall may have some 
policies that only allow certain IP addresses or ranges. Tor can be used 
to verify those configurations by using an IP number outside of the 
company's alloted IP block.

    * To bypass their own security systems for sensitive professional 
activities: For instance, a company may have a strict policy regarding 
the material employees can view on the internet. A log review reveals a 
possible violation. Tor can be used to verify the information without an 
exception being put into corporate security systems.

    * To connect back to deployed services: A network engineer can use 
Tor to remotely connect back to services, without the need for an 
external machine and user account, as part of operational testing.

    * To access internet resources: Acceptable use policy for IT Staff 
and normal employees is usually different. Tor can allow unfettered 
access to the internet while leaving standard security policies in place.

    * To work around ISP network outages: Sometimes when an ISP is 
having routing or DNS problems, Tor can make internet resources 
available, when the actual ISP is malfunctioning. This can be invaluable 
is crisis situations.

    * The CTO is an asshat: Your CTO is a golf loving moron who hasn't 
spent any time in front of a computer since 1988. He bought some crappy 
appliance, which sits at the edge of your network, tracking your 
activity, while you track everyone else's activity- including his. This 
Mongolian Cluster Fuck never seems to end. Root Cause Analysis sessions 
go on for days on end. Plans are made to DDOS his Comcast cable 
connection, one of your assistants claims he can bed the CTOs wife, and 
the accounting system is missing data (really- it's the CTOs missing 
porn collection). Cooler heads prevail... you just install Tor and read 

    Ok, maybe the last one isn't salvageable. I gave it my best shot.


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