SoC Project: Improving Hidden Service Security and Usability

Chris Humphry humphry.chris at
Sun Jun 28 18:19:16 UTC 2009

Hi Ringo,

Chris wrote a question:
"4. Other services which an administrator could offer would be great.
Maybe a blog?  However, to me the use a forums in OnionLand is most
interesting and useful; for example a section of the forums could be a

Ringo wrote an answer:
"Blog hosting systems already exist, such as (IIRC) Hidden Hosting."

Yea I know about Hidden Hosting, I just don't trust the operator is 
it's not me ;)

Chris wrote a question:
"I know the old 'how-to' for running a node on *nix included info on
setting up FDE but the directions are/were very clunky and hard to follow."

Ringo wrote an answer:
"The Ubuntu Alternate Install CD makes it very easy to do full disk
encryption and if you use Windows, Truecrypt is a good option."

I might be confused but I thought you were writing this for standard
Linux installation?  Do you mean I can use Ubuntu as the Linux OS? 
(re: "My goal is to make a standard Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP installation") 

Thanks for your time

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