SoC Project: Improving Hidden Service Security and Usability

Ted Smith teddks at
Sun Jun 28 21:51:31 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-06-28 at 11:19 -0700, Chris Humphry wrote:
> I might be confused but
>  I thought you were writing this for standard
> Linux installation?  Do you mean I can use Ubuntu as the Linux OS? 
> (re: "My goal is to make a standard Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP installation") 
> Thanks for your time

There's no such thing as a "standard Linux installation", with the
possible exception of the vanilla build of Linux. There are many
different variants of the GNU/Linux operating system, and any "major"
variant will allow you to use a GLAMP stack. In fact, I would recommend
the Ubuntu Server spin of Ubuntu for any new user wishing to work with
server software -- the install CD supports full disk encryption in the
same way the Alternate CD does, and you can easily select what services
you want to provide. 

Out of curiosity, what were you thinking of as the "standard Linux
installation"? I wonder what distribution you gave that honor to. ;-)
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