jurisdictional concentration of authorities

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If I understand this correctly, as long as ICANN is "owned" by the US, they
have the ability to shutdown anyone they don't like.

While I agree with your idea, I'm not sure there is a way to get around


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On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 8:43 PM, Scott Bennett <bennett at cs.niu.edu> wrote:

>     Perhaps it may be time to revisit an old discussion here with the
> developers.  At present, just seven directory authorities are listed in the
> directory.  Three of these fall within the jurisdiction of the United
> States,
> and the remainder fall within the jurisdiction of the European Union.  This
> situation presents a substantial vulnerability to the tor network, IMO,
> given the degree of cooperation between the two jurisdictions, not to
> mention
> the arrangements among the EU's member states and the U.S.
>     Are we now at an appropriate stage such that the developers could
> entertain the idea of discreetly soliciting a few more potential authority
> sites and operators in other jurisdictions?  I submit, for examples, that
> Brazil, Japan, and probably the Union of South Africa may have adequately
> fast and reliable Internet infrastructures that such sites might be
> available
> in those jurisdictions.  There may well be others, too.  I am not sure of
> the
> situation in India, but it strikes me that that country might also be a
> good
> location for an authority.
>     My aim here is to harden the tor network against incapacitation by some
> future decision by one or two jurisdictions working in collusion to suspend
> tor operations by shutting down the authorities in their countries.  If,
> say,
> no two jurisdictions working together could command a shutdown of the
> majority
> of authority servers, the tor network ought to be somewhat safer.
>     Comments and discussion, particularly from current directory authority
> operators and developers, are hereby solicited. :-)
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