many new relays

Scott Bennett bennett at
Mon Jun 22 02:51:58 UTC 2009

     Somewhere on the order of 500 new relays or so seem to have appeared
in the tor network in the past week.  I take this as a very welcome event,
not only for the future of the tor network and enhanced performance of the
network, but because it suggests that quite a lot of people have become
more aware of the need for network anonymity.
     What bothers me a trifle is that the timing of all this also suggests
that it has been triggered by the ruckus over the recent election in Iran.
I hope that most of the new tor nodes will stick around for the long haul
after the situation in Iran has quiesced, rather than simply being up for
a few weeks and then vanishing again.
     Either way, though, I welcome them all for as long as their operators
are willing to help out by running relays.

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