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Hans Schnehl torvallenator at
Thu Jan 3 16:11:38 UTC 2008

On Thu, Jan 03, 2008 at 05:04:46PM +0300, accept no limits wrote:
> Hello,
>> What about going the "hard" way? They have a contract with you. You paid 
>> for a
>> service they refuse to fulfill without comment. I dont know the malaysian
>> laws but I think you should do steps to force them to fulfil their contract.
> Sorry, I don't do it the "german" way: paying a lawer, going to court and 
> after months or years having a "result". And even if the judge says: "OK 
> you paid for another 3 months, they have to fulfil their contract for 
> another 3 month.", does this solve the problem? NO. After this 3 months I 
> have to search for another hoster. The only difference: I paid a lawer, I 
> paid the court, I lost month or years and not to forget I am no longer 
> anonymous. [I know no lawer or court "working" for anonymous persons.]

Even being of German nationality I do absolutely agree with you about the
 uselessness of deploying lawyers in such a case. 

>  >Some years ago I made the experience (with renting a house) that some people
>  >need some kind of warn shot until they start respecting you. In my case I 
> got
>  >a (german) "Einstweilige Verf?gung" and suddenly they spoke with me.
>> Just to help out those who don't know German: (at least roughly)
>> "temporary injunction".

All this takes months, if applicable   with other countries' laws at all, 
the costs of such an attempt may be out of any scope. 

> Thank you for helping out
> With a house (where you intend to live for years, you are not anonymous) 
> that's another story.

You repeatedly mentioned your absolute anonymity against the malaysian company
your node was hosted on.
Have you   possibly taken it into your consideration that the so called 'Abuse'
they are referring to might be exactly that and _not_ Tor? 
> Bye



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