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Thu Jan 3 14:04:46 UTC 2008


> What about going the "hard" way? They have a contract with you. You  
> paid for a
> service they refuse to fulfill without comment. I dont know the malaysian
> laws but I think you should do steps to force them to fulfil their contract.

Sorry, I don't do it the "german" way: paying a lawer, going to court  
and after months or years having a "result". And even if the judge  
says: "OK you paid for another 3 months, they have to fulfil their  
contract for another 3 month.", does this solve the problem? NO. After  
this 3 months I have to search for another hoster. The only  
difference: I paid a lawer, I paid the court, I lost month or years  
and not to forget I am no longer anonymous. [I know no lawer or court  
"working" for anonymous persons.]

  >Some years ago I made the experience (with renting a house) that some people
  >need some kind of warn shot until they start respecting you. In my  
case I got
  >a (german) "Einstweilige Verfьgung" and suddenly they spoke with me.

> Just to help out those who don't know German: (at least roughly)
> "temporary injunction".

Thank you for helping out

With a house (where you intend to live for years, you are not  
anonymous) that's another story.


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