setting the minimum number of routers used in the network

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>Ta for that Drake....
     Sigh.  From the freebsd-questions list, please read first:

 -> Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 08:05:59 -0500
 -> From: Bill Moran <wmoran at>
 -> Subject: Re: top posting (off-topic)
 -> To: "Brent Jones" <brent.jones at>
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 -> > 
 -> > I for one prefer top posting, as usually I have read a particular thread
 -> > enough times that I like to cut to the chase and read the new input
 -> > without having to scroll down, sometimes navigating an endless nesting
 -> > of >>>  For me, reading through top posted replies saves time and
 -> > effort.  If I happened to miss something in the conversation I can
 -> > scroll down to find it.
 -> There are three reasons _not_ to top-post and to post inline, trimming
 -> your response intelligently:
 -> 1) Top-posting does not scale up to large, complex emails.  It produces
 ->    incomprehensible responses when the conversation requires more than
 ->    a yes or no answer.
 -> 2) Stop thinking about yourself and realize that most messages read in
 ->    archives long after they were posted.  Top posted messages in archives
 ->    are a lot more difficult to parse, and usually require a lot of clicking
 ->    around to get back to earlier messages, etc.
 -> 3) RFC-1855 says so.
 -> Most people who _honestly_ ask this question simply don't have a lot of
 -> experience with online discussions.  Take the advice of people who have
 -> been doing this for years and you look smart.
 -> -- 
 -> Bill Moran

Then read below for a more useful answer to your question.

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>Quoth Cameorn Burns <cameron.burns at>, on 2008-01-02
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>> Does anyone out there know whether there is a way within the torrc file to
>> specify the minimum number of nodes to route through?  I note that the
>> default appears to be 3
     The value 3 is hard-coded and as a *literal*, not even via a preprocessor
variable.  Search in circuitbuild.c for "routelen", and you'll find it.

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