Google becomes usefull for us again

Scott Bennett bennett at
Thu Jan 3 05:23:32 UTC 2008

     On Tue, 01 Jan 2008 12:25:35 -0800 "F. Fox" <kitsune.or at> wrote:
>Alexander W. Janssen wrote:
>> F. Fox schrieb:
>>> [I was going to leave your quoted message in... but my Lord, is your
>>> monitor as wide as a football field?! =xoD ]
>> Since you're using Icedove, a little hint: If you go to the "Edit"-menu,
>> you'll find a nice "rewrap message" function... :-)
>LOL, thank you. =:o) That will come in handy in the future...

     The problem, though, seems to be caused by users who think that word
processors, rather than text editors, are appropriate to use in composing
email messages.  Mailing list subscribers should *not* have to use such
workarounds in order to read messages posted to the list.
>I can't get over how wide that message was, though; usually, things are
>too *narrow* to be efficient for this monitor. It's a 1280x768 LCD
>panel... =:oD
     Mine is 1920x1200, but that's irrelevant.  I read email with the old UCB
mail program in a PuTTY window set to 80 characters by 24 lines.  Old standards
die hard, which is just as it should be.  Note, for example, that email was
never dangerous to read until Microslop and others invented the super-duper,
GUIed, MIME-capable mail interfaces.  Text-based mail interfaces are still the
only really safe ones around.
     I also find it quite offensive when people post HTML to mailing lists.
It's hard on the eyes, and is nearly always a wasted duplication of the same
message included as text before the HTML.

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