Child pornography blocking again

Kraktus kraktus at
Sat Jan 26 22:21:27 UTC 2008

On 26/01/2008, maillist <maillist at> wrote:
> Some f:ing paedophile is responsible for  loosing all my computers and
> scaring my better half. Thanks a lot.

I am sorry to hear that.

> If theres going to be some directory controlled exit-policies then count
> me in (if I'm going to ever run an exit-node anymore).
> As for many things one can use Tor for good or for bad but as long as
> running an exit node means getting busted by some rude cops I'm not
> going to run one anymore (maybe?).
> Btw, I changed my other node to middle-man only =(.
> M

Okay, so maillist and I are definitely interested in this.  Supposing,
for the sake of argument, that we coded it, and the Tor developers
certified that they did not believe the code would break anything, is
there any reason we shouldn't be allowed to share a blacklist via a
variable?  Obviously, since it is so controversial, the variable needn't
be added to the default exit policy, and would only be used by Tor
operators who chose to use it.

(Obviously, we'd have to check with local law people to make sure it
was indeed legal for us to use such a blacklist, but anyway.)

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