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     On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 19:28:46 +0100 dr._no at wrote:
>> >it's possible to use e. g. an open WLAN from a neighbor for your
>> >TOR server and in most countries that's be legal, e. g. in=20
>> >Germany.
>> >But for working behind NAT the program has to be optimized, like skype,
>> >and as far as i know, TOR is not made for working behind NAT.
>> >
>>      Why would you think that? 
>The ORPort of the TOR server must be reachable from the outside but behind
>NAT you need port forwarding for this.

     Well, that's true.  I guess I had missed your point.  Modern commodity
routers can do both port forwarding and NAT, so it shouldn't be a problem
for you as long as your neighbor is willing to let you use his/her resources
that way.

>Therefore you can use a TOR client behind NAT but not a TOR server.
>Or did i missed something?
     The tor server has to be reachable from outside, of course, and it
does check for and require reachability before it will publish its
>> Have you bothered to read the documentation?
>No; i've read it some time ago and that's why i wrote "as far as i know".
     The documentation of the configuration statements to which I previously
directed you should give you the information you need for configuring tor
properly once the router has been correctly configured to forward connections
from the outside to the tor server's port(s).

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