Sudden appearance of RSA signature error

Phil philtickle200 at
Fri Jan 25 01:12:58 UTC 2008


I have been happily using tor v0.1.2.18 (not as a
server) since it was released with no errors in the

Today, however, the following warnings suddenly
appeared out of nowhere:

Jan 25 02:47:20.795 [notice] Tor v0.1.2.18. This is
experimental software. Do not rely on it for strong
Jan 25 02:47:20.796 [notice] Initialized libevent
version 1.3e using method poll. Good.
Jan 25 02:47:20.796 [notice] Opening Socks listener on
Jan 25 02:47:21.714 [warn] crypto error while checking
RSA signature: block type is not 01 (in rsa
Jan 25 02:47:21.714 [warn] crypto error while checking
RSA signature: padding check failed (in rsa
Jan 25 02:47:21.715 [warn] Invalid signature -1
Jan 25 02:47:21.715 [warn] Error reading router;
Jan 25 02:47:22.140 [notice] We now have enough
directory information to build circuits.
Jan 25 02:47:31.019 [notice] Tor has successfully
opened a circuit. Looks like client functionality is

What is this and why has this warning appeared all of
a sudden?

Is this a problem?  Should I stop using tor?

Does it mean there is a bad node?  If so, is it
skipping that node?

Is it to do with the release of v0.1.2.19?


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