How are German Tor server people doing?

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Thank you for the update Eugen. I will be tracking what becomes of us here in the USA. Right now street level biometric scanning, and multiple database interconnection, are becoming more widespread. I am already wondering what will become of us all when, (IF..) "legitimate" street CCTV databases, consumer & gov black project databases become cross linked with national, international biometric scan databases. I love computers in my own small way, but they are giving potential unprecedented power to the "few" to monitor in real time, and potentially control, the many.  

Eugen Leitl <eugen at> wrote: On Mon, Dec 31, 2007 at 11:56:45PM -0800, algenon flower wrote:

>   I am just curious to hear how the people are doing
> out Germany way who are being impacted as per the oft

After the federal president signed the law, 30 kPeople submitted
their suit against it in the court at Karlsruhe on 31. Dec (the largest
constitutional suit ever by a large margin). AFAIK the plan 
is to achieve a preliminary injunction first. In any case
the relevant date is 20090101, not 20080101. Only telecommunication
providers (cellular, telephony, possibly VoIP) are/would
be affected at this time -- but, let's see what Karlsruhe will
say to that. If the law is not repealed as unconstitutional,
it would be another major building stone for the new
machtergreifung laws. 

> discussed new repression law. I am hoping they having
> a good nice time, it must be 6am '08 there right
> now... Happy new year to you and don't cave in to the
> "creeping repressionism". We are all we have to fight

It is quite interesting how global this is. I think
it looks like a silent collusion. If it is indeed that, it's
time to get seriously scared. We need to maintain untrackable
uncensorable communication to any political or activist
group, whatever it takes.

> to be free.

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