How are German Tor server people doing?

Hans Schnehl torvallenator at
Tue Jan 1 14:10:17 UTC 2008


nothing really changes here in Germany yet. There are, as sufficiently discussed,
some more or less promising attempts to stop the new law. But for the year
2008 there is no change for torizens yet, and actually some people including me
do not believe there will be an obligation to log anything for us in the time after. 
If, then it might happen in one year from now, and in that case I will close my 
German node and move somewhere else. But that is, as mentioned, in one year from now.

>How are German Tor server people doing?

I think Germany has the highest density of Tornodes in the world if you
use the  number of citizens and the number of nodes as parameters.
At present the number of nodes (maybe also because of 24c3, which I missed) 
is increasing.
It's still going...

The raids on Tor operators are afaik not a part of a larger strategy
against Tor, but a pretty sad picture of the local policeforce and their massive 
lack of adaptive capabilities.
One side effect though is the diminishing number of exit-nodes here.
Doesn't help those raided during the last year, but the vast majority here did not 
encounter any raids.

> I am hoping they having
>a good nice time, it must be 6am '08 there right

Don't you worry, afaik most, here in Berlin (as of 15:00),  are still not very responsive, yet.

> silent collusion. If it is indeed that, it's
>time to get seriously scared.

Disagree.  Not scared, but consequent ;) 

Last not least, there is no better occasion than now:  Happy new year everyone.

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