Privoxy: Can it forward/not forward based on ports?

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Thu Apr 3 07:53:52 UTC 2008

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> I know privoxy can choose to forward or not forward based on hostname.
> But what about host specific ports?
> Specifically, if I'm talking to a Google server on 443 (https), can it
> be let through without going through Tor?
> I figure that it's already encrypted, and anyone interested in me will
> already know that I use Google, so tor gives me protection from none
> of: Privacy from snooping ISP, traffic analysis, website can't track
> me.
> -- spreadsheets, etc -- is horribly slow with Tor and
> Privoxy. Gmail keeps sending me warnings about invalid return codes.
> But normal google search queries I still want to torify to defeat
> tracking/profiling.
To prevent profiling there is also:
I think it's worth to take a look at that.
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