ISP controlling entry/exti ("Low-Resource Routing Attacks Against Anonymous Systems")

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at
Mon Feb 26 16:58:31 UTC 2007


> Personally I cant see the advantage of it be ruined by 'Jews' - 
> as compared to 'Nazis' - or anyone else. Surely this is just a personal 
> preference?

In fact, it was a provocation. We should have cleraly in mind that the 
most weak point of anonimisation systems are exit points and the 
possibility of snooping there.

We also need a diversity. But we need common sense too. Remember Penet 
remailer? They were accused of help prividing child pornography. It was 
a complete nonsense (the posted porn picture was larger than Penet's 
file size limit), but the public turned against them and they closed the 
server (OK, there were also other things).

But I thing we dont need a publicity that Tor is runned by crazy 
conspiracy theorists, anti-Jews, Nazis, paedophiles or terrorists. No, 
Tor is runned by ordinary people who like freedom. There are small 
percentage of huts among them, and small percentage of "agents 
provocateurs", but majority is normal people.

That's all.

P. S. I do not support Israeli military actions againt Palestinian or 
civilians in Lebanon. But don't bullshit me with 
jewish-control-of-the-world. The fact is Holocaust was real, and Jews 
were the vitims. And that was the bad thing. And for those who know the 
history - when Nazis began to kill Jews, they were talking the same 
jews-control-the-world bullshit. That's why I don't like that bullshit. 
And NO, I am not a Jew, I do not know any Jew, but I think people are 
people regardless of the race.

bye, Matej

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